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Jan 24, 2008

Worth 5,000 Words...

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5 photos from the campaign trail in South Carolina.

Focused, precise and coherent, late into the night, with overflow crowd asking serious questions.


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Jan 3, 2008


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June 1988 - January 3, 2004

In Loving Memory

of our incredible blue-eyed, boy kitty.

Our hearts continue to miss him every day, as did Taboo while she was still here with us.

As they did on meltingly hot, summer days on their porch, they now rest, side by side, under the honeysuckle bush, where much to their kitty-hearts' everlasting delight wild birds would come to splash and drink from a bath suspended beneath its branches. [The birds were safe, of course - the cats were never allowed out.]
Last but never least, be sure to stop by Friday's Ark and the beautiful A Byootaful Life, for some serious cat blogging.

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