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Jun 29, 2007

Snowflakes In Summer...

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& snoozing.

Taboo's resting up for her exciting pre-holiday weekend on board the Friday Ark,
sailing off with old friends and new to WCB harbors of joyful kitty reunions at Pet's Garden Blog.

Oh, this sounds like we are
going to have a lot of fun!

I just stopped in over there, and you adventure lovers have a real treat in store for you. Pack your safari duds, there are some very beautiful tigers in their garden! I wonder if they purr like plain old kitties? We're about to find out.

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Jun 24, 2007

I Rated My Blog...

Online Dating

LOOK AT what is takes to get an NC-17 rating these days, where all the DICKS are Cheneys, except once when it's a Nixon.

[1x] Oh, The Hypocrisy...
[5x] On The Lookout...
[1x] Remember The Good Old Days When...
[1x] Cat Protests Torture & Inhumane Treatment...

Dick [5x]
[1x] Mary Told A Little Lie...
[1x] On The Lookout...
[1x] Hats Off to Attaturk...
[1x] It's a Great Sunday Morning When...
[1x] And Take Dick With You!

Hell [5x]
[4x] Who's Going To Hell...
[1x] A Routine Checkup...

Murder [3x]
[3x] I'm The King Of You...

Rape [2x]
[2x] On The Lookout...

Suicide [1x]
[1x] What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

And the winner, with three of the most egregiously offensive words is, TA-DA:

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Jun 22, 2007

Snug As A Bug...

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She just wants to sleep, so we'll have to carry her on to

Friday's Ark.

Maybe she'll be up in time to hoof it by herself over to

WCB, hosted by Scamperdude.

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Jun 17, 2007

The Trailer to Michael Moore's SiCKO...

(Thanks to jurassicpork at Welcome to Pottersville & Buzzflash)

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Jun 15, 2007

Medication Time...

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She's looking for a way out, poor soul. But it's only a cute liver-flavored chewy with her thyroid meds. Too bad she only wants to take them when it suits her and not by the clock.

Speaking of the clock, it's time to board
Friday's Ark!

And don't forget to stop in to say hello to the Weekend Cat Bloggers, hosted by
A Byootaful Life.

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Jun 11, 2007

New Friday Cat Blogger?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The last episode should have been called:


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Jun 9, 2007

What's Old Is New Again...

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...a return to familiar surroundings for Taboo, a padded box in the closet.

Please stop by
Friday's Ark
to say hello to all the passengers.

This weekend's cat blogging is...YIPPEE!

Excuse me, I got a little carried away when I saw it's being hosted by the fabulous wiseguys at
What Did You Eat.

Bring your best appetite.

Sher, can we stay
through Sunday night and watch the Sopranos? We promise to help cook and clean. I know -- I'll bring Limoncellos!

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Jun 7, 2007

Restore Habeas Corpus...

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Jun 2, 2007

I Know It's Hard To Believe...

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...but this really is a new picture, not just a leftover from last week. Taboo's utterly smitten with her new nest. What a silly old goof. If only we could read her mind or, even better, she could speak and tell us why!

Well, folks around here should be getting ready for the first storm of the tropical season. It'll be a welcome relief if it brings a lot of rain but not crazy, destructive winds.

OOPS! That sounds like a perfect prescription for I know what -- FRIDAY'S ARK! Everybody on board.

If a paw-tapping treat is what you have in mind, there's a place I know that has the hippest cats bopping to the coolest Weekend Cat Blogging mewsic at Luna's pad at CatSynth.

Race y'all there!

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