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Apr 29, 2008

Inspired By Hillary’s Flat-Bed Truck Debates...

How Democrats Could Be Led By
Hillary Rodham Clinton
To A New State Of National Grace:

With Hillary Rodham Clinton leading the way not to debate on a flatbed truck but to invite Barack Obama to join her campaign with his, and hand in hand together, like that day in Montgomery, join ranks on behalf of the entire Democratic party at the New Harmony, Indiana, bridge into Illinois over the Wabash River now closed for lack of funds --

-- to begin an old-fashioned voters' rights drive for a summer of activism tours [like the Freedom riders] for college kids on break and limo liberals putting their gas money where their wine-drinking mouths are, helping disenfranchised citizens register to vote, under yesterday's onerous new photo ID ruling by the Supreme Court.

The Democrats could offer scholarships, if legal, for needy people to help pay for government issued IDs.

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Apr 7, 2008

I'm As Mad As Hell & I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore...

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