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Sep 1, 2007

A WCB In Silence & Remembrance...

A Light in Silence & Remembrance

Many hugs and sweetly soft nosy nuzzles go out to the lovingest boys Kashim and Othello, living purrfect kitty lives with their special mommy in wonderful Vienna, for their wonderful remembrance of our gone but never forgotten beloved best friend kitties,
Taboo, Sushi, Bianca, Merry, Beethoven, and Barsoap and his mom, Cindy - a little girl's first kitten.

Please stop over at
The Catboys Realm for this weekend's cat blogging -- and to light a candle against the darkness of sorrow, in hopes for loving eternal reunions of beloved pets and their human companions everywhere.
PS: Bring hankies to dry your eyes!

And scroll down to the next entry, or
click here, to see a little video of a young Taboo sending eye kisses. Thanks, and love to all the brilliant blog kitties we have met.

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