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Mar 19, 2006

It's a Great Sunday Morning When...

ReddHedd is on C-Span.

Here's my dirty little secret [are you listening MSM?]: I turned to blogs because the corporate media didn't cover-up as much as they just willfully ignored and collusively buried the most important news of my every day -- America's corrupt politics brought to me by their pretty boy and girl handmaidens and cheerleaders of journalism.

[BTW, could anybody stomach Big Dick on Scheiffer this morning -- talk about morning sickness!]

The little-guy Americans were chronically berated for their slack-jawed meditation on the media parade that was passing them by. I guess they didn't like the flow of information being a one-way pipe, got tired of yelling at a heartless [except for Animal Planet and Mr. Rogers] plastic & glass box of talking heads who cared less and less, or strolling the pick-pocketing "streets" in malls where security could always throw out their sorry little free-speech selves, and decided to participate in the e-world of ideas -- the AGORA, not so much a place as a revolutionary ideal of give and take.

At least that's my take on it.

Where no high wall of corporate phone menus loom and I'm gratefully allowed to leave a recorded message for a station manager or show's producer to blow off -- when I can post a comment almost as fast as I might need to rethink a not-so-veiled threat.

AND I can have my own blog, my own station to broadcast from, my own soapbox to stand on and connect with other resonating or pushing-back souls.

Now get out there and toast a few more braincells to driftglass.

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